The title of your blog post can be the difference between a reader passing it by, or clicking to see what you have to say! So lets get to it and explore how you can utilise blog titles to attract more readers & visitors to your blog!


1. Balanced Phrase


With the balanced phrase headline, this is designed to not only attract readers, but to also tick the correct boxes for SEO purposes, to help your blog post rank high in search engine results pages (SERP’s), such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The “X” would represent a number. The “KEYWORD PHRASE”, as you can probably guess, is where you can include your main keyword for your blog topic; this will help you gain a better ranking in SERP’s.

Finally the “CURIOSITY PHRASE” is what will attract your readers, to want to read more.

For e.g. “10 Blog Post Headline That Work Everytime They Are Tried“.


2. Theatrical Effect

This blog post title is aimed for those who are attracted to drama, and includes major terms such as; warning, negative, drastic etc.
For e.g. “8 Warning Signs That Your Website Is Outdated“.



3. Its An Enigma…

The classic enigmatic blog post title, designed to create mystery is guaranteed to draw your readers in, who cannot resist the temptation.

For e.g.
The Secret To Tone Your Abs“.
Little Known Ways To Gain Repeat Readers“.

This headline comprises the [MYSTERIOUS HOOK] together with your [BLOG POST KEYWORD]


4. Problem Solver

This blog post headline is perfect if you are sharing tips, a tutorial, or some really useful information. The classic, “How To” post is well known for attracting readers.

You can extend this technique by adding a time frame.

E.g. “How To Complete a Full Body Workout In 20 Minutes“.

We are in a ‘rat race’ society, consumed with time. If you can help to solve somebodies problem within a certain time, you are sure to gain interest.


5. Piggyback Blog Title

If your blog post utilises information or tips from a well known character, be sure to include their reference in your title.
For e.g. [Famous Person]Top 10 Tips For ________
Oprah Winfrey’s Top 10 Tips For Succeeding In Life“.


6. Common Errors

Highlighting potential mistakes that your readers could be making is bound to get their attention, and make them want to read more in your blog post.

For e.g. “3 [Blog Topic] Mistakes That Your Probably Making Today“.

Can you guess which blog post heading style I  used for this?