Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money online generating an affiliate income. Whether you want to use a professional blog, Pinterest or your social media account. Regardless, anyone can start making money online by creating an affiliate income…

Make Money Online With An Affiliate Income

Please note: This post contains affiliate links.
Before we explore what exactly an Affiliate income is, let’s look at why it’s worth learning about affiliate marketing in the first place!

Why Learn About Affiliate Marketing?

  • You can make money online from home, a beach, a quaint cafe, your bed… Wherever you have a signal and can access the Internet you have the ability to make money using Affiliate Marketing.
  • You can either develop this income stream to supplement your main income or develop it to grow and eventually become your main source of income.
  • You can help share products and services that you love with your readers and receive a reward for doing so.
  • Over time, affiliate marketing has the ability to become a passive income stream. If you have not come across the term passive income before, this basically means that you carry out the work once, and then continue to receive payment for your efforts. (In oppose to active income, the usual form of employment exchanging your precious time for money, and then… repeat). This means that an affiliate income has the potential to enable you to make money even whilst your asleep!
So to sum up why you need affiliate marketing in your life; it gives you the freedom to make money anywhere, enables you to help your readers and allows you the possibility to make money while you sleep… Pretty awesome right?!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is where you, the affiliate, place an affiliate link on your social media account, website or blog, and earn money when people purchase a product through your link. Essentially you are converting your readers into customers for the affiliate company that you are promoting products/ services for, and receiving a commission from that conversion.
An Affiliate Income is a form of passive income. Whereby once you have created a blog post such as a review containing your affiliate links, it takes minimal work to maintain that original blog post, whilst earning money years after creating it. I have come across bloggers who still continue to make thousands from an affiliate blog post that they had created around 5 years previously. A pretty clever investment!
Another brilliant bonus of affiliate marketing is that it is very affordable. If you want to invest your time into something that can bring you rewards, but you don’t have much spare cash for bigger investments, affiliate marketing is a great way to start! You can begin with your social media account or purchase affordable web hosting and create your own blog platform to share your affiliate links. LINK TO 123 REG.
Affiliate Marketing has the added benefit that you are not responsible for any order processing, dispatching etc. It is less work than creating a product yourself. Simply promote products/ services that you believe in and promote them anywhere you want!

How Do You Share An Affiliate Link? free affiliate marketing email course

There are quite a few options available, and you can carry out as many of these as you like;
  • Blog post
  • Blog / website page
  • Website shop page
  • Email marketing
  • Social media promotions
  • Sharing it on YouTube
  • A podcast or a webinar

Can I Really Become An Affiliate?

As long as you have Internet access, you can begin your journey of making an affiliate income utilising affiliate marketing. However, it helps if you already have an active online presence/ audience through your blog website and social media. If you don’t currently have an audience, you can still start with affiliate marketing but it may take a bit longer before you see results.
By now you should have a general idea of what an affiliate income is, why affiliate marketing is such a great investment and a basic understanding of the different methods you can use to share your affiliate links. 
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Further Study on Affiliate Income

There is a brilliant digital course available that teaches you everything that you need to know about affiliate marketing.

I have personally carried out this course and I found the content extremely valuable. In addition, the teaching support was great and there is even access to a private Facebook group included, brilliant for connecting with fellow students. 

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