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What is the process once I have asked you to proceed with creating my website?
Firstly I would email to you documentation containing further information for your purchase, and what I would require from you. I would also email to you an invoice for 50% of the total amount. The remaining 50% is required upon completion of your website.
What do you need from me to create my website?

Within the documentation that I would email to you, this would highlight information that I require from you including;

  • Any websites that you like, such as the design, structure, functionality etc.
  • A summary of your website intention e.g. a photography portfolio, to sell jewellery online, to create a travelling blog etc.
  • How many and what pages you would like including.
  • Any media that you would like including such as; images, MP3 music, youtube videos etc. If you do not have any media to include for your website, please see my website optional extras for further information.
  • Any colour preference for your website
  • Any logo/ branding for your website.
  • All the written content for your website pages. If you do not have any written content to include for your website, please see my website copywriting optional extra.
  • Links for any social media accounts that you would like including in your website. If you do not currently have any professional social media accounts, please see my website social media start-up optional extra.
  • Whether you would like any optional extras included with your package. This can include; additional pages, assistance with sourcing media, images, providing written content, assistance with social media etc. Click here for further information on WordPress website and bespoke website optional extras available
What Happens Next?
Once I receive the above information from you, I would design and create your home page. I would email an image of this to you for your feedback, and only once you are happy with the mock up, I would then begin designing and creating all the other pages for your website.

Once your website design is complete, I would test all the pages, keeeping in touch with you via email to request feedback and any final alterations. At this stage, final payment of the invoice would be required.

Once payment has been received, I would email to you all the details for your website; username, password, and also for your hosting and any email accounts created. I would also email to you a sheet of tips on using the WordPress admin dashboard, so that you can confidently keep your website updated with new blog posts, images etc. (This would only apply to websites created using WordPress).

If website updates are not something that you would be interested in doing, I can offer you a reasonable hourly rate, upon completion of your website, for any updates/ maintenance required.

Can I Access My Website Once You Have Finished Creating It?
Of course- Once I have finished creating your website, I will email you details of all username/passwords required,, to access and edit your website, along with instructions and tips. My aim is that you can confidently edit your websiite over time, adding any new images/ blog posts, to keep your website up to date.
I dont need an online shop at the moment, but if I change my mind, can I upgrade my website at a later date?
Absolutely! When you are ready to upgrade your WordPress website, giving you an online shop, just let me know. I can install the relevent e-commerce plugin, configure its settings for your requirements and add your first 10 products. The cost of the e-commerce upgrade is simply the difference in price between the two packages, roughly £250.
I dont have time to write content for my website, can you write the website copy for me?

Yes I can! I offer a copywriting service, further details of which can be found here. With this, if you let me know the rough topic and intention of what you would like creating in the written word, I can create this for you. You can purchase website copywriting when you place your order, if in doubt just send me a message with any questions you may have.

I would like to place my order, how do I do that?

All orders, whether for a new website, maintenance/ upgrades carried out on an existing website, or SEO freelance work, are placed through email.

To place your order, please complete online website questionnaire with as much detail about what you would like as possible, along with any optional extras that may be required.

Or email me directly at;

Following this, I will reply to you with further information and instruction, along with either a quote/ invoice, based on your initial email. Our payment policy is 50% of the invoice is required in advance, the remaining 50% is required upon completion of your project. Details of payment methods are found on the invoice.

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