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What Happens From Visualisation?


By visualising, you are training your brain to have a totally different filter.

Your brain does not know the difference between real memories of what actually happened to you, and what you imagine is happening to you.

Your brain will experience you visualising, e.g. going to the gym.

It then encodes it as a real memory. This changes the filter system.

Research shows that the more you visualise things, the greater your confidence is going to be.

Studies have proved that simply visualising yourself doing things consistently, e.g. 30 seconds every day, that you actually develop the skill.

Therefore visualisation actually helps you to improve your skills, just as if you were actually doing them!


30 Day Visualisation Exercise

Every day for the next 30 days, take 30 seconds each day to close your eyes and visualise what it looks like in your life when you achieve your goals this year. How does it feel?

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