WordPress Website Design Packages



Freelance Website Development


I am available to hire offering my services for the following;

  • Maintenance on an existing website/ blog
  • Updates for an existing website/ blog
  • Fixing errors on an existing website/ blog
  • Carrying out weekly checks such as; anayltics, social media updates, plugin updates etc.
  • Carrying out website backups, to keep your website safe and backed up.
  • Maintaining an e-commerce store and creating new products
  • Updating any imagery, media and site content, to your existing website



I am experienced with the WordPress CMS and the range of plugins such as WooCommerce that it offers. I am also experienced in HTML, CSS, Boootstrap, JavaScript etc.


If you have any social media accounts that you need maintaining, I am experienced with the following;

  • Facebook
  • Twittter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Youtube



I am also available to hire for any extra digital work that you require such as;

  • Creating website/blog imagery
  • Creating imagery for your YouTube channel/ videos
  • Creating imagery for social media

£20 per hour, price work available

SEO Consultancy Services


Basic SEO Package

Standard features with this package include;

  • Technical audit on index (home) page
  • Ranking Report (if required)
  • Submission to search engines (if required)
  • Basic updates of current errors (for up to 5 pages)
  • On-page SEO check & updates (for up to 5 pages)




Website Extras

Additional Pages
If you require more than 10 pages on your new WordPress website, you can add this extra feature onto your package. Additional pages are priced at £20 per page. Please contact me for an accurate quote for a WordPress website with your requirements.
Additional Products For Your Online Shop
If you require more than 10 products on your e-commerce website, you can add this extra feature onto your package. Additional products are available at £20 per product.
Images Supply
This optional extra includes the sourcing and editing of images for your website,so that the size does not affect the website loading time. This is a perfect solution if you have no images to use for your website, or if you simply do not have the time to source your images, and would prefer for this to be included with your website package. Images are supplied at £10 per image, or 10 images for £80.
Website Copywriting
You have no written contact for your website? This optional extra allows you to add this feature to your package, so that all website content is written for you, (following your guidance on requirements). Website copywriting is available at £20 per hour.
Website Blogging
Regular blogging is a great way to keep your website up to date for users, and to showcase your services, products and specialist knowledge. Blogging is also excellent for search engine optimisation, as regular website updates show GoogleBots that you are an active website. However getting the time to create regular blog posts (1 blog post per week is the average recommendation for websites), is not always realistic. This optional extra can be purchased with your website package or as a stand alone product. For £20 per hour, you can receive regular blog posts which will keep your website current and active. Please contact me for further information on website blogging.
Social Media Start-Up
It is very difficult for a website to remain professional and current without any presence on social media.

Almost every website currently contains links to their social media account, where they can connect with their customers and further advertise their identity. If you do not currently have this in place, this can be purchased as an optional extra. There are many different social media websites where you can have a free account for different purposes.

Current popular social media websites include;

  • Facebook- great for connecting with specific groups.
  • Twitter- Ideal for access to a high volume of online users.
  • Linkedin- For business and industry related content.
  • Pinterest- For sharing beautiful and interesting images.
  • Instagram- Perfect for sharing your online portfolio of images.

Social media start-up begins at £20 per social media account. Contact me for further information on social media extras.