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Social Media marketing has become such an important part of an online marketing strategy for businesses.

In 2016 there was recorded to be over 2 billion active social media users worldwide. This number is projected to grow at 25% year over year. This means that social media networks provide a platform allowing businesses to reach their customers.

Having an effective social media campaign manager is very important for businesses to maintain their all-important social media presence.

What Can Social Media Management Do For Your Business?


Social media helps to get your content in front of the right people and to spread the word about your business. Businesses generally use social media to drive traffic to their website or blog, generate new leads for business and to build community relationships.



Experienced Social Media Manager For Hire


I offer not only social media management to help you maintain your online presence, but I also work to help create an effective social media strategy for your business.

Social media management is not just about posting content regularly. Social media management is about posting the right content aligned with your brand culture & message and posting the right content, in the right place, where your audience will find it.

I am passionate about creating an effective social media marketing strategy tailored to your business needs. To help increase your brand awareness and ultimately increase the sales of your products/ services.


Social media can be used to;

  • engage  customers with marketing messages
  • share related content
  • share information from your website
  • post about related trivia & industry tips
  • to share general content around your brand culture


These points all work together to create a remarkable social media content plan.  One that clearly communicates your business brand and values.



My social media mission is simple; to grow awareness of your brand, to help generate leads for your business &  to save you time!


I offer social media management packages for the following social media networks:






What is the process for social media campaign management?



1. Pick your package

2. Choose your required social media platform/ network

3. Complete your online social media campaign set-up form

4. Your campaign will be planned and scheduled for launch

Social Media Management Packages


Social Media Account Creation Packages

– Create a Facebook Page for your business – £35


– Create a Twitter account for your business – £35


– Create and set up a Pinterest account; including up to 5 boards, (each board containing 10 pins) and following 50 people related to your industry/ hobby. £45


– Create a  YouTube account including; about, banner and profile image, and publishing up to 5 videos (which you supply). £45


Social account banner image redesign, available for the following social media network; Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. £40

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