Following on from part 1 of Engaging Facebook Post Ideas. In this article, we will look at some more inspiration for engaging Facebook content ideas.


21 Engaging Facebook Content Ideas Part 2


12. Fill in the blank

However simple this idea may be, asking your audience to finish the sentence by filling in the blank is a great example of engaging Facebook content ideas. You can also use sentences that relate to your business, to gain some market research from this Facebook post!
For e.g.
“My Monday morning must have is…”
“My festival must have is…”
“My favourite type of music is…”

13. Like Vs share

I have only recently discovered this idea for a Facebook post and I think it is a brilliant way to build engagement on your business page. With this post, you are giving your audience a choice as to whether they like the post for option 1 or share the post if they prefer option 2. This post works best if you create an image to match.
You can also give two options that represent your business niche, or your products/ services, as a great way to research feedback. Alongside, this will also build engagement on your Facebook business page at the same time!!
For e.g.
Like if you would love to spend a week on a sandy beach with a great read, share if you would prefer a week of adventurous snowboarding and spa evenings!

14. If… I would

As well as engaging Facebook content ideas, it is also great to have some fun Facebook posts to tempt your audience to join in! You can adapt this post idea to suit your intention, for e.g. having fun, researching your audience’s preferences, or simply creating a random post to build your page engagement.
For e.g.
If I had to organise a festival, I would definitely include…
If I was an eagle I would…
If I was given 1 million pounds, I would use it to…

15. Problem post

Most people experience problems, this post idea gives you the opportunity of researching how your audience deals with their problems, or if you are experiencing a problem you could even use this post idea to help generate some inspiration to solve it!
I recommend posting about a problem that relates to your business niche. Perhaps your products are designed to solve problems and by researching what your audience is currently doing to solve their problems, this will help you target them to generate business.
When [problem occurs] I…
For e.g.
When I  struggle to meditate I…
If I encounter a problem with my website, I…
If I need to learn how to do something, I…

16. What do you like?

This idea for a Facebook post is a little more simple, but at the same time can be effective in not only building engagement on your page but also gaining an insight into your audience and your potential buyer personas.
Like if you [do an activity]
For e.g.
“Like” if you would love to live here!… [include a relevant image]
“Like” if you would find one of these useful…


17. Simply ask for likes

The amusing thing about Facebook posts is that sometimes all you have to do is to ask for what you want. 
For e.g.
If you love…  like this post!
[Remember to include an attractive relevant image!]
Don’t know where to find suitable images for your Facebook posts? Check out the links below for high-quality free images!



18. Blog post

We all know to share links to our blog posts on Facebook pages, after all, that’s the idea right, to get potential customers to our websites? This Facebook post example is an alternative way to share blog post links, that is a little more interactive and engaging with our audience.
For e.g.
Peaceful mind in 10 minutes? Check out this article on meditation and get comfy!… Hit  “like”  if you love ideas for meditation
This example shares what readers will get and how soon. It also includes a CTA to build engagement on your post.

19. Universal Appeal

This type of Facebook post is a clever way to receive engagement from readers. The idea with this post is that it draws upon a world fact, and includes your audience.
For e.g.
At this moment,  billions of people are smiling. Are you one of them?
You can also include an attractive image to draw attention to this post.


20. Go Adorable

This one may surprise you! With Facebook content ideas, one of the types of posts that stop people scrolling and generate post engagement are Facebook posts containing a cute or an appealing image.
For e.g.
An image of a cute cat, a funny animal etc.
If there is a way to link the image to your brand, then that’s great, maybe you have an office pet that can be your mascot. If not, sometime to build Facebook page engagement, you’ve gotta bring out the big guns and share cute animal pictures!


21. Inspire

Finally the last in our series of Engaging Facebook Content ideas. Although this post idea does not focus entirely on asking your audience to do something, in order to build engagement, everybody could do with a little inspiration for the day.
Inspire your audience by sharing inspirational quotes. You can choose a quote that relates more to your company brand, and find an attractive suitable image to go with it.
For e.g.
 Types of quotes that you can share; inspirational, motivational, happiness, positive, funny, business, design, spiritual etc. 
Think about what you want to inspire and get your audience thinking about. There are many useful websites online where you can find quotes to use. Remember to include a reference to the person who wrote the quote!
Useful websites containing quotes;

What did you think of our Facebook content ideas?

This article concludes our series of engaging Facebook posts and content ideas. I hope that you have gained many ideas and inspiration, to enable you to create a Facebook content strategy that will allow your business page engagement to soar! 
What did you think of these ideas, are you using some already what has been your experience? Let us know in the comments below!
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