Struggling to come up with content and Facebook post ideas for your Facebook business page? It can sometimes be confusing to know what to share with your audience.

If you don’t have a social media content plan for your business page, it can often seem tricky coming up with Facebook post ideas. In this blog post, I am going to share some brilliant Facebook post ideas, that will not only maintain your online presence but actually help to engage with your audience, helping you to grow your social media presence!


21 Engaging Facebook Post Ideas


1. Ask for advice

Sounds simple enough right? This is a great way to engage your audience and generally, people like to offer their advice and help. You could ask for advice on a topic relating to your brand/ niche or you could ask for advice relating to possible new products or services, which also serves as a great way to receive some feedback!


2.Finish a phrase

You can get really creative with this Facebook post idea, try thinking of how you can align this with your business brand and niche.

For e.g.

Complete the sentence…
“When I’m happy I…”



3.Post a poll

Another classic but great way to boost page engagement with your audience. Your poll could be based on your business products/ services, or you can create a simple fun poll that loosely relates to your brand culture. Keeping your poll between 3-5 options works great!

For e.g. #poll Which film do you prefer?
a. Lord of The Rings
b. Avatar
c. Harry Potter



This started on Twitter but is now being used on Facebook. Follow Friday is a hashtag holiday that’s all about sharing people and discovering new users or pages, recommended by people that you are already connected with.

For e.g.

Its #FollowFriday!
Good morning & welcome to follow Friday! This is the day where we share the love and shout out to all of our favourite Facebook pages so that others can find and follow them too…

-Simply tag your 5 most #fabulousfbpages in the comments below, be sure to include the @ before the page name.
-Include a brief reason why you like the page.
-Close it with a #ff tag.
-Don’t forget to tag your own page too if you have one! ????



Another hashtag themed day where people can post in the comments old pictures or stories. You can keep it simple and invite your audience to share pictures of themselves in the comments, or relate it to your business and get creative!

For e.g.
It’s #ThrowbackThursday…
Share your silliest work picture in the comments below! #TBT


6.Holiday Greetings

A fairly simple Facebook post idea, however, holiday greetings are a great time to engage with your audience and share some cheer, reminding them that there is a person behind the name.


7.Create a contest

If you have a product or service that you are happy to feature in a contest, this is a great facebook post idea to engage with your audience. Furthermore, you can also use this for your business growth, for e.g. by asking your audience to share the post to enter into the competition or by asking them to sign up for your email list.

For e.g.
Want to win a … ?
To enter the chance to win our giveaway, simply like and share this post, and be sure to comment below to say that you’re in!


8.Share milestones and awards

This is a great Facebook post idea to share your appreciation and gratitude with your audience, which they will appreciate in turn. You could also turn this into a giveaway. to further boost your business engagement.

For e.g.
“We’re celebrating reaching over, 10,000 subscribers on YouTube by giving away some awesome freebies. Click the link below to enter into our competition for a chance to win a …”


9. Share an upcoming event 

You may be doing this already, but it is great to share any upcoming events with your Facebook audience, to help them to feel apart of your journey.



Whenever you receive any positive feedback or testimonials, you should be sharing these with your online audience! Testimonials are brilliant to share your social proof with your audience because this will share your success and encourage them to want to experience what you have to offer. You could even get creative using a free online tool such as canva and create an image to showcase your testimonial.


11.Caption this

This is a great fun way to use social media to really heighten audience engagement with your Facebook posts. Simply choose an image to share, you can find some high-quality free images using the links below. When you choose your image, think about what emotions you would like to strike with your audience. Do you want to make them laugh, cry, share happiness etc?

Attach the image to your Facebook post and add, “Caption this…”


Useful links for free imagery




Click here to continue reading for Part 2 of Engaging Facebook Posts

What did you think of these ideas, are you using some already what has been your experience? Let us know in the comments below!


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