Social content Manager…really? The development of many social networks over the past few years such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, have added another facet to the realm of online marketing for businesses.
Social networks are an amazing way to help share your business/ brand with your online audience. Ultimately, they help you to grow your business through awareness. However, keeping your business page active and updated on social networks takes time, consistency and dedication, this is where a social content manager comes in!

Can a Social Content Manager Really Help Your Business To Grow?

Hiring a social content manager can help to save you time and energy, whilst keeping your online business social engagement up to date. For instance, by simply sharing 3 posts per week on social networks such as Facebook, will help to keep your business page fresh, new, informative and active.
Furthermore, posting new relevant content will help you to share your brand with either existing or potential customers which will help to build engagement and awareness of your brand.

5 Reasons to Hire a Social Content Manager;

1 – To save you time.
2 – To keep your online business social presence active and consistent
3 – To share your business brand with your online audience
4 – To attract potential new customers
5 – To share news about your business; current offers, new products etc.

Current Users Per Social Media Platform

Some very interesting stats on how many people are using which platforms;

  • Facebook: 1.59 billion
  • YouTube- 1 billion
  • Linkedin- 414 million
  • Instagram 400 million
  • Twitter – 320 million
  • Pinterest – 100 million

Interested in Hiring a Social Content Manager but still not sure?

I am currently offering a temporary 20% discount on social media management services for the first month.
Consequently, if you are not sure whether this is right for you and your business, why not take advantage of this great offer and trial your first month with our basic package. Contact me for more information!

Useful Tools for Social Media Content Management

  • Buffer– Free and paid social scheduler
  • Hootsuite– Free and paid social scheduler
  • Canva – Free and paid social graphics creation tool
  • Emojis – Lots of emojis!
Thank you
Emily x
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