Two years ago I knew nothing about the stock market. I had heard of trading mainly from my brother who is a Forex trader, but I had never delved into the subject. I guess that deep down I knew that there was money to be made in the world of trading, but I didn’t realise that it was within my grasp. Like many people, I presumed that to be a trader meant that you had to already be rich, or live a privileged life of private school and rich parents. How very wrong I was… 
In this article, I share with you an insight into my personal journey as a beginner trader.

My Journey As A Beginner Trader


In The Beginning

My journey began in June 2018…
I was desperately searching for a way to create financial wealth without spending my entire life working for it. At the time, I was working self-employed as a freelance web designer. I had been experimenting with different blogs and YouTube channels in an effort to creating passive income online and I felt like I was going around in circles.
Then I had a call from my father in law who was excited about this new trading course that he had enrolled onto, with Warrior Trading. He knew that I was trying to create an income from home using my digital skills, and advised that I look into trading.
Following our conversation, I checked out different YouTube videos, but I kept returning to the videos created by Warrior Trading. A few days later, I joined a free webinar with Warrior Trading which lasted around 3 hours. I was hooked! The webinar shared the potential income that trading can provide and what the lifestyle was like.
I knew at the time that trading was certainly complex and would consist of a lot of study, but I love to learn!
Naturally, the webinar ended by promoting Warrior Trading’s signature course, the Pro subscription. This gives access to the online course, mentor sessions, chat room, simulator and lots of extra features. As a bonus, the course was temporarily at a discounted price for members of the webinar.
However, even at the discounted price of $3500, I didn’t have that kind of money for an academic course. At the time, I was barely making a part-time wage with my freelance work, and mainly depending on my husband who was working full time as a Joiner. 


Warrior Trading Pro Course

The events that followed that week were synchronistic
I had a call from my father who informed me that I was to receive some money left from my grandparent’s estate who had passed earlier that year. Although I thought that I should be sensible and save the money for something more substantial like a house deposit, I knew straight away that this was an opportunity.
As I was weighing up my thoughts on what was the best course of action to take, I realised something. Although I had successfully passed both school and college, I never progressed to university. At the time I couldn’t justify gathering 3 years worth of debt when I had no idea what I would study.
Furthermore, I calculated that as an average, current university tuition fees are around £6000 per year, which for a usual 3-year degree would cost £18,000 in total. The course by Warrior Trading is just a fraction of this cost, and in contrast, the rewards available long term would by far outweigh the job prospects of most university degrees.
Therefore I decided that I would enrol onto the Warrior Trading Pro class.
I made a pact to myself that if I was to spend my grandparent’s hard-earned money that they had left to me, I would stick with it. Furthermore, I would not give up, even if I wanted to because I knew that once I mastered the art of trading, that the earning potential was incredible.
Since then I have not looked back.

My Trading Goal

Although a lot of people take up trading to become incredibly rich, this was not originally my intention. I am not saying that I don’t want to be rich, should it happen I would welcome it. In contrast, my goal was simply to make enough money to live a comfortable life, without spending all of the hours of the day to make it.
I found that the biggest attraction of trading was the ability to make thousands of dollars in minutes. The strategy that I learnt trading small capital stocks, means that I allocate from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm ( 9:00 am to 11:00 am EST) for trading. 
In other words, this equates to around 10 hours of trading per week. This is a fraction of an ordinary working week where previously when I was employed, I was expected to work for 40 hours per week. 
However, although the time spent trading is a quarter of a typical full-time job, the earning potential is incredibly greater. Generally, as a beginner trader starting with a small account and using small position sizes, the earning potential as an average still matches what I made working 40 hours per week. 
The amazing trick of trading is that as your account size grows, so does the ability to take larger position sizes for trades. As a result, this produces a larger profit, even though the execution of trading is exactly the same.
Over time, this snowball effect can take you from an average wage to making $100K per year, to $500k per year+.
the snowball effect make money day trading

Focusing On The Present Moment

As a beginner trader, I am currently at stage 4 of survival.
trading journey timeline make money day trading
My efforts are focused not on winning, but on cutting my losers and gaining valuable screen time experience. Another crucial factor for successful trading is psychological awareness. Consequently, you can learn all of the technical sides of trading, but to be a consistently profitable trader means having exceptional emotional awareness. With this in mind, I utilise the skill of mindfulness and mindful meditation alongside my trading. 
Mindfulness is a valuable skill to develop emotional awareness, personal discipline, focus and patience. Which are all necessary skills for trading, especially for a beginner trader.

Join Me On My Journey As A  Beginner Trader

Now you know my background and where I am currently in my trading journey. I do not by any means consider myself a master at trading. Consequently, I believe that there is always something to learn and always a way to improve existing skills and/ or knowledge. 
However, I aim to share what I have learnt trading and what I continue to learn with you on this blog.
If you are interested in sharing this digital trading journey with me, follow my blog for updates on new articles and YouTube videos.  Furthermore, if you sign up using the link below, I am currently giving away a free pdf guide sharing mindfulness techniques. 
Meanwhile, if you enjoyed reading this article, please let me know in the comments below, and if you have any questions or trading topics that you would like me to cover, also let me know!
Until next time!
my journey as a beginner day trader in the stock market



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