I am so excited to share this post with you today, all about passive income. I first discovered passive income a few years ago, when my husband accidentally made £300 in one month from a music video that he created… but that’s another story. Passive income is changing the way that we live our lives. By living smarter, not harder, passive income makes financial freedom a reality. 


Why Passive Income Will Make You Question Everything

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First of all, if you are not already familiar with the term…


What is passive income?


It may be easier to begin by describing the opposite, active income.

Active income is a form of income that I am sure we are all very well acquainted with, where we all exchange our time for money. Most commonly by working in a job for either an employer or for yourself, if you are self-employed. Active income means that each month, we continue to trade our time for money, and this continues more often than not until retirement.

So… passive income.

Passive income is where we work once, and continue to make money from that one-time working effort. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “making money while you sleep”… well, passive income makes this phrase a reality!


There are a variety of different methods that you can use to create a passive income, and more often than not, it is not a quick road to riches and takes dedication to build necessary foundations. However, from the initial effort of creating those foundations, passive income can certainly reward you in the long run.


But the intention of this blog post is not for me to tell you what passive income is, how you can get it and what it can do for you. (If you would be interested in a post like that, let me know in the comments!).

Through this blog post, I would like to share with you some people who have not only discovered passive income but who are using it to their advantage and making a rather attractive living from it!


Prepare to be inspired!





Inspirational People Winning Through Passive Income


First I will introduce you to Alex Szepietowski, who educated himself on passive income, whilst studying a separate degree at York University. He is currently making over £10,000 per month in passive income!


Check out the video below where Alex features on a Ted X talk; “Design Your Dream Life Through Passive Income”…



Alex offers a lot of food for thought in the realms of property investment for passive income.

Click here to find out more about Alex and his journey making money through property investment.




Making Money Online Through Passive Incomeaffiliate marketing course make money blogging online income


A method of making money online through passive income is by using affiliate marketing on your website/ blog.

Affiliate marketing is where you can work as an affiliate for a company who offers a product, usually a product that you have used previously and would recommend. By signing up with the company as an affiliate, this means that you will receive a unique URL link to a web page where the product can be purchased.

The link is unique because, for every person who follows that link and makes a  purchase on the web page, you will receive a commission.


This is where making money blogging has become highly popular, because by including affiliate links in blog posts, bloggers can build up a nice passive income.

The beauty of this method of passive income is not only because you do not need to have a massive amount of money to invest before you can make money back, but because bloggers continue to make money from blog posts that they had written years ago!

This leads to Michelle from Making Sense of Cents.



Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Passive Income Through Blogging


Michelle started her personal finance blog in 2011, she currently earns over $100,000 per month in passive income!  This is mainly from affiliate marketing through her blog.

Michelle offers a course; Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, where she shares all the knowledge & techniques that allow her to make over $100,000 each month – I highly recommend this course!

Michelle also shares her income reports on her blog.

For January 2018, she earnt $114,812.66 from her blogging business. $60,643.66 of this was from affiliate marketing alone!


If the idea of working online from home, making this kind of money interests you, I would recommend that you check out Michelle’s course, Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing.

I have personally carried out this course and it was brilliant! The course allows you to study online in your own time. It features a lot of knowledge, tips & worksheets, all aimed to help you to create your own successful online blogging business with affiliate marketing.

The course also offers some fabulous bonus lessons, including Pinterest Strategies for increasing traffic to your blog, and a bonus lesson on Facebook advertising.


Click here to read more about the brilliant course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing!

Just started a blog? Click here to read about blogging fundamentals for beginner bloggers



Looking For A Good Business Read?


rich dad poor dad book make money passive income rich assets

You may have already heard of the book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!” By Robert Kiyosaki.

The book was published quite a few years ago, it has sold over 27 million copies worldwide.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!

It is packed with so much useful information that will get you questioning your mindset and actions with money.  Robert seems to describe usual complex financial terms such as; assets and liabilities, in such a simple manner making it easy for you to understand.



This book highlights why most people seem to struggle for money, potential blockages, such as fears and childhood conditioning, and most importantly this book inspires you to take your life into your own hands, and create a rich reality for yourself.


Click here to purchase Rich Dad Poor Dad now!




What Do You Think About Passive Income?


I hope you enjoyed this post exploring the opportunities available to passive income, and successful people making passive income work for them.

Do you feel inspired to explore this further?


If you would like me to write a post explaining more about passive income and the different options available to make money through passive income, please let me know if the comments below!


Just in case you missed the links in the article, I have included them below;


Click here to find out more about Alex and his journey making money through property investment.

Read more about Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, the only course on affiliate marketing you will ever need!

Purchase the inspirational book, Rich Dad Poor Dad now!




In the words of Robert Kiyosaki-

“JOB – Just Over Broke”




Explore the wonders of passive income and begin your journey to passive income today!




Emily x



why passive income making money online will make you question everything